We live at Doune and love it.  It's a totally different way of life and we invite you to share it with us. Holidays at Doune are owned and run by two families; Andy and Liz Tibbetts and their son Ewan, and Martin and Jane Davies with their daughters Alex and Pippa.

Andy and Liz have lived at Doune for 25 years and find it very difficult to leave - even to go to Mallaig.

Jane and Martin have been here for 15 years and love every minute of it.

In common with any one who owns and runs their own business we all have many hats to wear during the summer!  However you are most likely to see us in the following roles...

andy on mary doune knoydartAndy - will be driving Mary Doune
and fixing things!




liz at doune dining room knoydartLiz - will be slaving away / having fun
in the Doune kitchen.




martin in doune dining room knoydart

Martin - may be seen driving Gripper
or tied to the kitchen.




jane in doune bay knoydartJane - will be serving in the Dining Room
or out catching crab in the bay!





We look forward to welcoming you to Doune!


Slàn leibh

I have worked for 15 years in hospitality and I've never seen such a slick operation behind the scenes as at Doune.

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