We are lucky to live in an amazing place and we believe it is right to do our best to safeguard it by embracing a policy of environmental responsibility.  We have made choices which help Doune be as sustainable as possible.  A recent 'Powerdown' inniative is helping the Knoydart community in general make progress in environmental awareness and reducing carbon footprint and we support that wholehartedly.

'Staycation' is a new buzzword and we aim to offer something that will encourage many to holiday with us instead of travelling far afield.


Sourcing as much local produce as possible is not just good for carbon reduction, it means the best in quality and freshness and it suppports the local economy.  We use venison from the hill and fruit and vegetables from our gardens and the community garden in Inverie. Crab from the bay, prawns from small local fishing boats and fish from local sustainable producers all play a big part of what we do in the kitchen.

Cleaning Materials

We use only environmentally friendly products for washing-up, clothes washing and toilet cleaning.

Other Materials

We aim to reduce paper consumption as much as possible by reusing paper and envelopes where possible.  When we do buy, we choose recycled and we aim to keep the production of paper based promotional material to a minimum. We also use recycled toilet paper.  


Getting supplies in to Doune is not straightforward, and the same goes for taking stuff out!  We aim to keep bags returned to Mallaig for landfill to a minimum so we keep back compostable waste for the gardens and other biodegradable waste for disposal at Doune.  We take glass and tins for recycling in Mallaig.

Energy Consumption

Being remote from the National Grid means that we have a limited power supply.  Much as we would love to, we do not have the conditions or terrain here to replace our diesel generators with a renewable resource that could service the number of visitors we have with the quality of experience they expect.  All other options have problematic issues, not least a large, distinctly unsustainable battery bank.  So for the moment we stick with our generator but we use it in the most efficient way possible.  Just 12 kilowatts does all our accommodation and the four homes at Doune which when divided up is a very small amount per person.  To acheive this we are very careful about power consumption including  all the usual advice.  We also turn off the generator for the night and part of the day.  There are small emergency lighting systems in the guest accommodation for these times.

We have made our first steps into using renewable energy sources at Doune Bay Lodge by installing a solar water heating panel in order to help reduce our gas consumption.

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