Welcome. We are a small family run hotel located on the western tip of the remote Knoydart peninsula in NW Scotland.
Cross the water and enter a different World.

For 2022 we will be open from 2 April to 1 October

Local and seasonal are todays buzzwords but they have always been the natural choice for us. We use local Venison and Lamb. Prawns are always creel caught and come from a local fisherman, crabs come Doune Bay. All sustainable sources.

For our cheeseboard we source some fabulous cheeses from two local artisan dairies.  Our gardens are run on organic principles and provide most of our soft fruit and fresh herbs. A big proportion of our other ingredients are also organic, especially our bread flours and most nuts and dried fruits, and we choose fairly traded coffee, tea and chocolate.

Dress code and ambience in the Dining Room is relaxed and informal.

doune knoydart artichoke soupAmbience

Doune is remote and rugged, offering unpretentious comfort and a warm and personal welcome. The food in Doune Dining Room is entirely appropriate to that. This is not the setting for cheap fast food or fancy 'fine dining'. It is the perfect place for real 'slow' food, skilfully and freshly prepared every day. We pay huge attention to menu planning. The aim is that each dish is spot on, that it works within a perfectly balanced menu and that the weeks menus build up to a great overall experience.

doune french onion soupSpecial Diets

Having a carefully chosen single menu, with everyone dining at the same time, means we are able to concentrate on using the freshest ingredients and cooking them to perfection. Of course if you have a special dietary requirement or allergy we are more than happy to produce an alternative for you. Please do talk to us about your needs. Maybe you would appreciate us letting you know if a dish contains a certain ingredient or is particularly rich. Most dishes are presented for self service so you can take as much or as little as you like and we can always offer cheese or fresh fruit as an alternative to dessert. Please relax, trust us, and enjoy this real, wholesome food.

doune knoydart beetroot tomato soupEvening Meal

We aim to start dinner at about 7.30pm but if you are planning a long day we can usually make a special arrangement. Please come in a few minutes early to get a pre-dinner drink and smell the bread rolls baking! This is a good chance for us to hear about your day and we can help you with the best choice of wine for the meal. Dinner will be a carefully chosen single menu, no need to worry about what to choose, we have done that for you, just relax and let the meal unfold. Occassionally the evening turns into an impromtu ceilidh but this usually depends on your enthusiasm to join in!  At coffee time we discuss plans for the following day and decide on a time for breakfast.

doune knoydart thai cauliflower coconut soupBreakfast

Breakfast is at 8.00 or 8.30am depending on your plans for the day. Everything is presented as a buffet so you can have as much or as little of whatever you like. There is always plenty of choice and we ring the changes daily in both the cold and hot buffets. Our home-made bread makes lovely crunchy toast with which we offer a selection of home-made preserves. We source the best quality meats from our butcher, but if the hot buffet doesn't tempt you and you would like a simple boiled egg instead, just let us know. (Remember to leave room for the Scotch pancakes, home-made croissant, or scones straight from the oven!)

doune knoydart crab soupPacked Lunch

Packed lunches will be ready to collect after breakfast. We use our own rolls and home baking and quantities are generous. If you find the lunch too big, do let us know in the kitchen the night before and we can tailor the quantity accordingly. Packed lunches are not usually provided on the day of departure, but if you would like to order one as an extra, please speak to us the day before.

We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy the Doune Dining Experience!

5 star food at 3 star prices
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