Over the years we've had some very talented people staying at Doune. Painters, musicians, poets and lyricists. This is a page for the those that have a gift with words.

A Ballad for the Douners

It was down at mallaig Pier that we Douners all did meet
To rendezvous with Andy, the admiral of the fleet
He bid us sort the baggage and load the boat with care
But we were slow and foolish and bags went everywhere

At last we slipped our moorings, anticipation high
Leaving Mallaig far behind us, while on our port was Skye
That evening after dinner, as is his usual want
Andy came th brief us and chersihed plans to note

With give or take a mountain, and an island here and there
A strategy emerges that everyone thinks fair
Thus the week unfolded with sunshine all the way
And Colins wit and humour improving day by day

Irenes otter spotting added something new
While Elaines annual cull of flotsam just grew and grew and grew
The kitchens excellent menus were held in great esteem
As Penny with her notebook fine tuned next days cuisine

Outside where ere we wandered, mainland or islands out to sea
The Mary Doune was waiting with kettle on for tes
Then, just as the week was ending and we were homeward bound
The dolphins came to greet us by playing all around

And so tomorrow moring as we head off down the sound
Knowing soon we will be landing back on familiar ground
Will we take our leaving easy as the grass grows on the weirs
Or will we be old and foolish and our hearts be full of tears?

 by Anne Partington 2006.

  (apologies to W.B.Yeats, "Down by the Salley Gardens")

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