The circuit, Doune to Doune

Doune to Doune

Grade 2

From Doune, take the path up to the road. Turn left and follow the road to Airor. Here, the road becomes a track, and then at Samadalan, a path. This follows the coast to the Guiserein River past the deserted village at Niag-Ard. In dry conditions, it is best to paddle across the river low down near the sea. There are stepping stones, but since leaping stones might be a more accurate description, we really don't recommend their use.

If the river is too high, the only way is to walk up the West side of the river, about 2 miles to where the track crosses over to your side. Stay near to the river and use gates to shortcut through the new woodland blocks. From here it is very straight forward to follow the track to Inverie for lunch and then back by the road to Doune.

Alternatively we can pick you up from Inverie for a shorter day.

This walk can easily be done in reverse, but be aware that some heavy rain during the day may make crossing the river very difficult.
On return to Doune, make sure not to miss turning off the road at the right time - the turning is signposted.

A total distance of 24km.

Stoul to Tarbert - the two lochs walk


Grade 2

A top walk for many guests to Doune. A drop off by boat at Stoul gives access to a small path leading over to Loch Morar -  at over 1000ft, Europes deepest stretch of freshwater. In addition, at Morar, the surface of the loch is only 30ft above sea level.

The path starts just above the derelict house at Stoul (not the one on the shore) and can be a wee bit tricky to find. From here, it leads up over Bealach nan Sac to the stepping stones over Lochan Repach and then down to Bracorina. This early part of the walk often takes much longer than people anticipate and plenty of time should be allowed. Along Loch Morar, the path is easy going all the way to Tarbert. There are superb views of South Morar and along the loch to Oban. At Tarbert, the old church has been renovated and now provides overnight shelter for walkers.

Croulin to Doune or Inverie

Knoydart coastal; walk

Grade 2

A boat drop off just beyond Croulin makes for a very pleasant coastal walk. From behind the house at Cnoc Gorm a path leads up over the wooded Rubha Camus an-t Salainn and back down to the beach at Slisneach. At Inverguseran you can either cross the river if possible and return to Doune, or continue along the track to Inverie.

Coast walk from Doune to Sandaig or Inverie

Knoydart coastal walk

Grade 3

This can be more strenuous than it appears on the map, but is an interesting walk with lots to see. Leave Doune from beside the Lodge, going past the iron aged Dun (from which Doune gets it's name), the ruins of blackhouses and a corn kiln (pre 1850), and the more recent sheep fank. From here cut back from the shore for a while to avoid the cliffs under Cnoc an Aodainn, on the top of which there is a memorial to a casualty of World War I.

After that, meander as you choose around the wee bays and inlets. There is no path, lots af heather and a certain amount of bog, but keep your eyes open for seals and otters in the water. Feral goats and deer on the hill and the buzzards, ravens and sometimes even sea eagles that can be seen along this coast.

Beyond Sandaig the route becomes more tortuous and difficult , but it is possbile to follow a track from sandaig up to the road (or a rough path from Rhidarroch).

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