Roinn na Beinne

From Doune - grade 3 or 4

Roinne a Beinn

One of the best views on Knoydart is to be had from this wee hill. On a clear day, you can see the whole of the Cuillin ridge, the Small Isles of Rum and Eigg and as far South Uist in the Outer Isles.  From reaching the road above Doune, follow the highest ground above you. This will lead you to near the top of the gorge of the Sandaig Burn. Find your way around to the left of this and then cross over towards the summit on your right. It is possible to continue from here through to the Inverguseran track and back around to Doune via the coast, or to Inverie and the pub. Or along the very broken ridge of the Black Hills, as they are known locally,  over the highest point of Druim na Cluain-Airighe and back to the sea and Doune.

If descending to the road from the top of Roinn na Beinne, care should be taken, as there are cliffs which drop off to the South of the summit.

It is possible to contour round past the hill of the dark fairies onto Beinn Bhreac for another breathtaking view - possibly even better than Roinn na Beinne.

Mam Meadail

Camusrory to Inverie - grade 2

Mam Meadail

Although only a grade 2, this is a strenuous walk as the path climbs steeply to almost 2000ft. By boat to Camusrory. A route is marked past the houses at Camusrory. Then follow the path up the glen to the ruined house at Carnoch. This can be muddy. Here the path splits. Take the left branch which zigzags up the steep face to the Mam. There then follows a very pleasant walk down Gleann Meadail past Knoydarts most beautiful waterfall to the Inverie River and then down to the village.

Mam Barrisdale

Barrisdale to Inverie - grade 2

Mam Barsidale

By boat up Loch Hourn to Barrisdale, landing on the tidal  Fraoch Eilean. From here follow the good path past Barrisdale House and bothy. Just beyond the old stalkers white house, the path forks, so make sure to keep on the righthand track up to the Mam at a height of about 1500ft. The walk up gives superb views of Loch Hourn and then once over the top, the stunning views are ofLoch an Dubh Lochan and Loch Nevis with Eigg in the distance. The path continues down Gleann Dubh Lochain to Inverie, past the old fish farm, the infamous Lord Brockets monument and the village hydro electric scheme, to the pub.

Mam Li

Eilean a Phiobaire to Inverie - grade 3

Mam Li

The story goes that a tenant of Li in the 1950's worked in Inverie and from there summer and winter in both directions each day and was always the first to arrive for work at 8.00am. Most people who have followed his route, would find this hard to believe! Since the 50's just about all trace of the path up from Li has gone. This walk again gives excellent views of Loch Hourn. The ground to the North of the ridge is now owned by the John Muir Trust and a lot of woodland regeneration has been underway here for many years.

A steep route lies up the Allt na Leth Bheinne, past Laochanan a Mhill Ghruamaich and joins the good pony path leading down from the southern side of the Mam to Folach and then by landrover track to Inverie.

This route can be affected by heavy rain as the Allt Mam Li must be forded.

The Mica Mine,  Beinn Buidhe

From Braomisaig, Loch Nevis - grade 3

Mica Mine

A strenuous walk up the steep side of Beinn Buidhe from Loch Nevis to the site of a mica mine in Coire an Lochain. It was operated for a very short period during World War II. There is a path, which zigzags up between the two burns, but it does tend to become heavily overgrown with bracken early in the summer. (This is now being cleared by contractors several times a year so should be okay at all times).  The opencast quarry itself can be found to the SE of the small lochan, on the rock buttress W of Tom an Neoil. As well as the rocks with sheets of mica, many also have small garnets in them as well. Many of the local paths, burns and small beaches on Knoydart have stones and sand which contain a lot of garnets.

A little further East of the quarry there is a small stone building with a diesel engine, which powered a compressor for drilling.

Return down to the boat, or continue on around Sgurr Coire nan Gobhar to Loch Braomisaig and down to Inverie. Please do not collect a lot of samples. They definitely get heavier as you walk back.

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