Ladhar Bheinn (pronounced Loor Venn)

A magnificent mountain with a narrow summit ridge. Care required in poor visibility or high winds. The North face is the more impressive, with corries and rock buttresses. The South side is smoother, but with steep cliffs in places.

From Folach - grade 4 - the simplest route.

Ladhar Bheinn

This is the easiest route. A landrover track leads to Folach, from where you can see the whole route.

From Folach, cross the river by the new bridge in front of the ruined house. Turn East along a pony path that runs alongside the burn. At he end of the trees turn up towards Ladhar Bheinn and climb directly to the bealach of An Diollaid. From here just follow the ridge to what remains of the trig point. There are two summits, the cairn at the end of the ridge being the higher.

You can descend by the same route, or follow the ridge along to Bealach Coire Dhorrcail (grade 5) via a section of steep rock steps. From here is a steep walk back down to the stalkers path by the river and then back to Folach.

Alternatively, for a longer day, continue around the horseshoe to Mam Suidheig (sooee) for an easy walk down into Gleann an Dubh Lochain and return to Inverie. For the really energetic, continue all the way round to Sgurr Coire Choinnichean and a steep descent down the East side of Allt Slochd a Mhogha, or west to the track at Mam Uidhe.

From Loch Hourn - grade 5 - the most spectacular route.

Ladhar Bheinn

The most direct approach to Ladhar Bheinn. From Doune you have the advantage of boat access and the opportunity of climbing the hill by, in our opinion, the finest route. You drop off at sea level, then ascend a steep 250m to meet the path that leads into Coire Dhorrcail. Then from the shielings climb up to Druim a Coire Odhar. With the  mountain fully in view and the buttresses of the NE face laid out before you, the shoulder becomes a narrow ridge, climbing over Stob a Choire Odhar directly to the summit. This route can be very exposed, particularly in strong winds.

Descend by any of the routes described in the route from Folach.

From Mam Barrisdale - grade 5.

Access either from Inverie or Barrisdale along a reasonable pony track to the top of the Mam. From here strike up past Stob na Muitraigh to Stob a Chearcaill (a moderate scramble in a very exposed location) where you can follow the distinct ridge to the summit.
Continue along the ridge and descend to Folach. In poor visibility, be sure that you are following the main ridge north west and not the one heading North to Stob a Choire Odhar.


From Barisdale - grade 5.

Landing at Froach Eilean, a similar route as above, via the pony path to Coire Dhorrcail and then either Stob a Choire Odhar or Creag Beithe. Recommended in various guides, as the only way to approach the impressive NE face (unless you have access to a boat).

Sgurr na Ciche (pronounced skurr na kee-er)

From Camusrory - grade 5.

Sgurr na Ciche

A spectacular cone shaped mountain rising directly up from the head of Loch Nevis.Landing at Camusrory, you follow the Carnoch river just over 1 mile to a rather dodgy wire bridge, from where you cross over to the main ridge that climbs up from above Sourlies. The approach from here is a simple one - straight up the ridge.

Return the same way. Dependent on the tide, it may be possible to land directly at Sourlies by dinghy. For particularly fit walkers, it is possible to continue from the summit to Garbh Chioch Mhor, another Munro. Descent from this hill can be very difficult, as the ground is very steep and broken with lots of small cliffs. The best route probably lies through Coire na Ciche and then down to Sourlies.

Meall Buidhe (pronounced me al booee)

From Inverie - grade 5.

Meall Buidhe

From the Gleann Dubh Lochain path, turn off onto to the path up Gleann Meadail. A good path to the top of Mam Meadail, where you turn left up a very steep shoulder and onto the ridge that leads to the summit. Alternatively turn off the path shortly before the Mam and angle across the slope directly to the summit.

Return down the West shoulder rejoining the path at the bottom of the glen. It is advisable to make for the bridge at the bottom of Gleann Meadail rather than try and cross the bog to the Inverie river.

From Luinne Bheinn - grade 5
See below

Luinne Bheinn (pronounced loona venn)

Luinne Bheinn

From Barisdale - grade 4.

Follow the path to the top of Mam Barisdale, then turn left and follow the ridge to the summit. Descend via the Mam to Inverie, or continue across the very rough and broken ground above Coire na Gaoithe'n Ear to Meall Buidhe (this can be tricky in poor visibility) and back via Mam Meadail or the West ridge.  The last part of the ascent to Meall Bhuidhe is particularly steep.

To make a more interesting circuit, there is a very nice ascent through Gleann Unndalain and up the eastern ridge, descending to Mam Barisdale and down the path to Inverie.

From Inverie - grade 4.

Follow the good track and path along Gleann Dubh Lochain to Mam Barrisdale. At the top of the Mam, turn right and follow the shoulder to the summit. Return the same way.

Meall Buidhe + Luinne Bheinn

Luinne Bheinn and Meall Buidhe

It is possible to combine both Munroes in the same day, in either direction although a good eye should be kept on the weather as the section between the two hills is highly confusing and potentially dangerous in poor visibility. Allow plenty of time, as this is a substantial route - up to 26k with 1700m of ascent.

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